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Campus Crib A-Z Welcome Pack


Burglar Alarms & Fire alarms are present in some properties. Codes & instructions will be provided in your Move In Pack or upon moving into the property. You should not change the alarm Code during your tenancy. You should not break the fire alarm glass unless and emergency and nor should you remove any heat / smoke sensor in your room. If you have a fault on the system please report it.


Broadband / Internet

You are free to use any internet service provider. Simply instruct the ISP to start the service as you move into the property in September.

All our properties come with a fixed cashback scheme of £20 per month towards the cost of broadband for your student home. This is usually paid to the "head tenant" or the tenant who pays for the service.

All we need is your bank details to make the BACS payment direct to you.

Ending your tenancy early / Change of Tenant

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract that in most cases you will need to adhere to until completion. If you need to end the agreement early you must find a replacement tenant to take over your responsibilities of the agreement.

A deed of assignment of tenancy is completed at a cost of £200.00 payable by the tenant leaving the property.

Please contact the office for further details.


You are not permitted to carry out any alterations or redecoration at the property. If you do carry out alterations or redecoration you will be charged for any costs associated with returning the property to its original state.

Securing the tenancy/property & submitting the Deposit

The cost of reserving a property is equal to £100.00 per person. The full reservation fee equal to 4 months rent must be paid before the commencement date of the tenancy. Please note the reservation money is non-refundable should you change your mind. On commencement of the tenancy the reservation costs convert into your deposit and is subject to tenancy deposit law. Your deposit is lodged in a custodial scheme using the deposit protection service. This means we do not hold the deposit in our bank accounts and any claim on your deposit money must be subject to the deposit protection procedure. See your tenancy agreement or www.depositprotection.com for further information.

Deposit Return

Your property will be inspected after you leave by Campus cribs or a company appointed by us. Deductions will be made from your deposit to cover rent arrears, breakages, repairs, cleaning, damage caused to fixtures and fittings, non-returned keys (leading to lock changes) and replacement items from the inventory. To make sure you get as much of your deposit back as possible you should:
• Ensure your rent is paid up to date as any arrears will be taken from your deposit.
• Attend to all cleaning required.
• Ensure all items listed on the inventory are present, in good condition and in the original location otherwise you can and will be charged.

Emergency Repairs

Use of the out of hour emergency call out service is for genuine emergencies only. If you need to report an emergency repair outside the office hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, you should call our Campus Cribs Maintenance line on: 07779 459009.

If you smell gas you must call NATIONAL GRID on 0800 111999


Campus Cribs charge all tenants a non-refundable application fee at the time of booking a property. Should a breach in the tenancy agreement occur there maybe additional fees to pay. Please see your tenancy agreement for further details.

The below tables outlines our fee’s and charges.

DescriptionFee in Pounds Sterling
Bounced Cheque or cancelled standing order£30.00
Late payment administration charges & letter£35.00
Letter to tenants notifying a breach of tenancy agreement£10.00
Deed of Assignment of Tenancy£200.00
Visit to the property by Agency staff due to a breach of this tenancy agreement£25.00
Bank charges incurred by landlord or Agent directly related to a bounced cheque or cancelled standing orderAs per proof of charges


It is your responsibility to check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, where applicable, on a monthly basis and change batteries when required. If the property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), tenants must also keep a record of these checks and a log sheet is attached to the pin board next to the alarm.


If you live in a house there may be a garden that you are responsible for maintaining. Additional charges will apply if maintenance of the garden is not deemed sufficient or received complaints.


If the property will be completely unoccupied for more than 14 days at any one time, you must let Campus Cribs know in writing. This may affect the landlord's house insurance and we may need to take additional steps to protect the property. During winter months (Nov-Mar), your heating should be left on low to avoid burst pipes. You can email our property management team at the address shown at the end of this document.


We will provide you with a copy of your inventory within two weeks of you moving into the property via email. It is vital that you check this inventory and return to us via email with any discrepancies you may notice. If no discrepancies are noted and we do not receive an email it is assumed you agree with the contents of the document. The inventory will be used to compare against your check out inventory as evidence to the deposit protection service should any claim need to be made on your deposit.


We have an obligation to carry out regular inspections of all our tenanted properties, normally every three months. Inspections are carried out to ensure that the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement are being met. You will be given notification prior to an inspection being carried out.


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Joint and Several Liabilities

All tenants are jointly and severally liable under the terms of the lease agreement. This means that any tenant can be made liable for the actions and full obligations under the tenancy agreement, including payment of rent.


Each tenant will receive one full set of keys, which must be returned at the end of the tenancy. Under no circumstances should locks be changed or additional locks added without our permission. Failure to comply with this may result in additional costs to you. Lost keys will be charged at a minimum cost of £25 per key.

All keys should be returned to our office or agent by 1pm, on or before the last day of your agreement, together with your alarm code. If you fail to do so, the locks will be changed for this. The current minimal charge is £100 but this is subject to an upward change

Lead Tenant

To avoid unnecessary confusion, we ask that each property appoint a lead tenant who will be responsible for communicating information received. Campus Cribs will initially contact this tenant regarding all tenant matters. This arrangement does not obligate this person in any way

Lease: Your contract, Tenancy Agreement

The lease you sign is a legal document and constitutes a contract between the owner of the property (The Landlord) and yourself (The Tenant). Campus Cribs acts as Agent to the Landlord. You should read the contents of the lease carefully and ensure you understand your obligations before signing. Everyone living at the property over the age of 18 must be named on the lease. You may not move anyone into the property unless you have asked us (in writing) and we have given permission for you to do so from the landlord.

Mice and other Vermin

If you experience mice in the property within the first 2 weeks of your tenancy, your Landlord will be responsible for the treatment of this. After this period, it becomes the responsibility of the tenants.

Move Out

You will receive move out information before the date you are due to leave the property. You must move out on the agreed date (usually the last day of the lease) and provide us with a forwarding address. We will contact you at this address should we require regarding the return of your deposit. It is not possible to end a tenancy before the end of a lease because it is a legally binding contract.

Neighbours, Noise and Nuisance

Please respect your neighbours, especially if you live in a communal tenement.

Tenants must ensure that they live peacefully in their property ensuring neighbours and other residents nearby are not disturbed. You are also responsible for the conduct and behaviour of any visitor(s) to the property. Campus Cribs takes noise and nuisance complaints seriously and in extreme cases are obliged to act on neighbours' complaints which may lead to eviction from the property. The main complaints received by Local Authorities concern door slamming, shouting, using washing machines after 10pm, pounding bass from hi-fi equipment, hard shoes on laminated floors, etc. Rubbish disposal is also a contentious issue.

If you are planning a party, ensure your neighbours are informed and give a reasonable finishing time.

Local Authorities have increased powers and night enforcement teams who can issue on the spot fines and seize equipment. Equally, you may feel the need to call them out if your neighbours are causing the problem.


If you are moving out of the property, we will need to perform viewings to re-let the property for the following academic year. These will be accompanied by a member of our team and we will always notify you or the head tenant via email the time and date of the viewing. We appreciate if you could ensure the property is in a good clean state before the we arrive at the property.


Pets are not allowed


Campus Cribs has a zero tolerance policy on rent arrears. If for any reason your rent payments are late, an administration fee of £30 will be incurred on each occasion. This will also apply in the event that a standing order is cancelled during the term of the lease without prior agreement with Campus Cribs and thus causing rent to be outstanding or paid late. If further reminders to pay outstanding rent, including letters, texts or emails are required, tenants will be charged further administration fees of £25 for each reminder sent. If the rent/late fee still remains outstanding, additional charges may apply including debt recovery costs. You are responsible for ensuring the rent is paid in full, on time, by Standing Order.


If you wish to continue your tenancy at the end of the lease please contact our property management team on 01204 535400 or email us info@campuscribs.co.uk at any time during your tenancy and we can make the necessary arrangements. We will always give current tenants to chance to renew before advertising for the next academic year.


It is your responsibility to dispose of all rubbish in an appropriate manner. Tenants must ensure rubbish is never left in any common area and is disposed of correctly on the day it is to be uplifted. See the councils website for bin collection days. Please note there is a removal charge of £10.00 per black bag should any rubbish be left behind at the end of the tenancy


If there is a repair required to the property, it is important that you inform us using the facility on our website or by sending an email to info@campuscribs.co.uk. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement to inform us of maintenance and failure may mean that you are held partially responsible should the delay result in added deterioration or damage.

Once you have informed Campus Cribs of any repairs, faults or problems we will contact your landlord and act upon their instructions. Please note that while we have a 24 hour call out service, only emergency repairs will be carried out within a 24 hour period. A guideline to repair time is as follows:


eg Boiler – Heating and hot water, major electrical problems, security and leaks.


eg Cooking facilities, radiators, showers, fridge freezers and minor plumbing.


eg Minor electrical faults, washing machine, dishwashers, seal replacements, secure tiling, cracked windows.


eg Minor joinery repairs, small appliances, window repairs, interior items, gardens, entry systems.

These are standard callout times. If still under warranty or parts are required these timescales do not apply. We always have to seek authorisation for any cosmetic requests which are at the discretion of the landlord.

Campus Cribs does not have authority to carry out repairs without your Landlord's permission, and this, plus quotations may add on time to the guideline timescales above. We ask that you do NOT instruct a contractor to undertake any work. If you do, it will normally be at your own expense.
• If we need to contact the manufacturer for any items covered by a guarantee or warranty, this may take some time. Unfortunately there may be times where we have no control over when they will attend to a repair. If you are willing to allow contractors access to carry out a repair while you are not present in the property, we will ask you if we may give keys to them.
• If you have agreed to be at home to give a contractor access to take delivery of an item, but are not there when they call, you will be charged for the call out.
• If a repair is due to any tenant negligence, the tenant will be required to pay the cost of this at the time or have money deducted from their deposit. We will undertake to have repairs carried out as quickly as possible; however the contractor appointed may set their own timescale for completing the repair depending on how urgent it is. Please inform us if you are experiencing any lengthy delays if a contractor has been appointed. We will also be happy to provide the contractor's details if you believe, a repair is taking longer than necessary. Tenants are themselves responsible for carrying out some small repairs and maintenance to the property such as changing light bulbs, fuses and re pressuring the boiler etc.

We may ask you to replace smaller, broken items yourselves and reimburse you to prevent delays. Please follow previous instructions regarding emergencies.


Responsibilities of tenants:

It should be noted that tenants are responsible for the below and will be charged directly for any of the below:
1. Blocked sink: Try caustic soda or thick bleach
2. Mice, tenants to purchase some humane traps, keep food contained and surfaces clean.
3. Re-pressurising boilers and Bleeding radiators: unless there is a leak on the system
4. Dishwashers not cleaning dishes – has the filter be cleaned?
5. Changing fuses
6. Changing light bulbs
7. Ovens Smoking – Have you cleaned your oven?
8. Electrics are tripping – possibly a tenant appliance causing this?
9. Hoover bags/blockages – Does the bag need to be emptied?
10. Washing machines problems – where problem has been caused by tenants
11. Minor repairs: WC roll holders, WC seats, cupboards, handles.
12. Lost Keys
13. Smoking Policy
All our properties are non–smoking. Any damage caused by tenants or tenants' visitors who smoke in the property, such as repainting or specialist cleaning, will be deducted from your deposit.
14. Showers overflowing – Mainly caused by one or a combination of the following: Build up of hair, small plastics, Soap & general grime. NOTE: It is the tenants responsibility to keep the drains free flowing and any damage to the bathroom floor or ceiling underneath the shower / bath after week 2 from the commencement date of the tenancy is deemed tenant misuse and chargeable to the tenancy (s).

Smoking Policy

All our properties are non–smoking. Any damage caused by tenants or tenants' visitors who smoke in the property, such as repainting or specialist cleaning, will be deducted from your deposit.

Stair Cleaning

If you live in shared accommodation, you must take your turn cleaning the stairs either by local arrangement or established rota.

Standing Orders

Your rent payment should leave your bank account 3 working days prior to the rent due date. It is your responsibility to ensure that funds are available in your account and that the correct amount has been forwarded from your account and on the correct day. If you cancel your standing order for any reason, you must notify Campus Cribs accounts department advising of the reason and arrange payment by an alternative means. In term of the lease and without prior agreement during your tenancy, if your rent is late, administration fees of £30 will apply.

Telephone/Television (Cable & Satellite)

As a tenant you are responsible for any telephone and television connections. You need a TV licence for the whole property. Satellite and cable TV is not permitted without written approval from the Landlord. In some cases planning permission is also required. In this circumstance you would be required to contact your local council.

Utilities and Meter Readings

For those properties that have bills inclusive all utilities are capped at £10 per room per let property, per week. E.G. 4 bedroom property will have a quarterly allowance for utilities = £520. Utility readings are needed to be provided monthly to keep an accurate record of your usage and to help avoid over-usage. We ask if the head tenant can be responsible for collecting and submitting the readings from both gas and electric meters.

Ventilation, Condensation & Mould

It is a tenant's responsibility to take reasonable steps to deal with condensation and ensure that the property is being heated and ventilated throughout. Condensation will not usually occur in areas that are both well ventilated and warm. In cold weather, people are understandably reluctant to open windows and let heat escape, but some level of effective ventilation must be maintained. Property must also be heated in order to help keep condensation levels at a minimum.

Wipe and remove any condensation regularly, especially around windows to avoid a mould build up.
• Always use extractor fans and open any windows in bathrooms and kitchens whilst carrying out any cooking, washing or drying activities. Leave fans on and windows open until the visible steam has left the air.
• Always place lids on saucepans during cooking and turn the heat down as required.
• If you are unable to dry washing outside or in a properly ventilated dryer, choose a room that can be heated and ventilated safely and shut it off from the rest of the home.
• Never dry clothes over doors or on radiators.
• Keep furniture away from walls where possible.
• Keep a small window ajar and any window trickle vents (small vent at the top of the double glazed units) open.
• Keep any room vents open.
• Ensure the heating system is left on timer, especially over winter, even if the property is unoccupied.
• If unsure how to use the heating system in your property:
1) Read the instructions
2) Search for advice online.
If the condensation / mould is found to be as a result of negligence by the tenants, then the landlord reserves the right to invoice the tenants for any costs involved in the rectification of the matter.


If you do not wish to renew your lease at the end of your tenancy, we will be required to allow prospective tenants to view the property. One of our lettings team will accompany any prospective tenants who wish to view the property. We will notify you of any prospective viewings and ask that you make the property presentable.

Window Cleaning

It is your responsibility to make sure that your windows are regularly cleaned inside and out if renting a house